Thursday, November 15, 2012


Let's talk today about how much attention you pay to your finances.

Seriously, if I were to weigh in both hands everyone I have ever known in my life, separating those who truly pay attention to where they spend their money from those who "turn a blind eye"- the blind eye group would have my hand pinned to the ground.

And, the shameful truth is that I would be right in there with them.

How many of you buy that coffee when out running errands, or that $5 DVD at Walmart? The candy the kids ask for in line-because they were good. The burger night because you HATE the thought of making dinner? Am I making you bugged with me right now?

See, I am talking about myself. But, if it bugs you ask yourself why. I once heard that if something makes you angry (defensive angry) then usually it is because there is some truth there you don't want to acknowledge. Poking a wound with a stick theory.

Does that mean that you can't enjoy life? No. But, are all those little expenditures helping or hindering what you truly want? Are they achieving the goal of your heart?

So I say, make your own coffee at home- there are a gazillion (is that even a word?) recipes on Pinterest for making mock Starbucks that are FAR cheaper- take it with you in a thermos when your out. Instead of a DVD, look for free shows on the internet. Or, better yet, have a read aloud with your family. Pop some popcorn and have fun with it. Kids LOVE it when you act silly. Instead of rewarding them with candy- take them to the park, or a family fun time at home. Give them your attention, believe me, it means far more to them. And, plan ahead for busy or unmotivated nights. I am talking making something quick and easy even if that is (GASP) boxed mac and cheese! (Though honestly- I have a recipe HERE that is just as quick.) Or slap some spaghetti sauce and cheese on bread and broil it and serve with fruit. Just as quick as any fast food and will keep your hard earned cash in your pocket where it belongs.

That is what this blog is all about. So join me in becoming good steward's of our financial lives!

(P.S.) If you come back on Thursday-I will give you that mock Starbucks recipe.  ;)

Till Later   :)

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Jessica said...

What?!? I have checked back TONS of times over the past two years!! SO glad you're blogging again!! I hope you're doing well! : )