Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I LOVE pecan pie. But, in this house it is not something we have often. The reason? Too expensive usually. A store bought will set you back about $7.00 and pecans are just too pricey. And one pie is just not sufficient to serve a family of 8!

Enter Mock Pecan Pie. I found this at COLLEEN'S RECIPES  and I will tell you now that it will be a regular in this house. It honestly tastes almost exactly like pecan pie. A crunchy top layer with a sweet, soft bottom layer. And best of all? It costs a fraction of the price! Plus, there is the added bonus that the top, crunchy layer is OATS, which adds a healthier spin to this pie. My family LOVED it and even my husband said it was good and he isn't that crazy about pecan pie! Plus, this makes an excellent alternative to anyone with nut allergies.

Head on over to COLLEEN'S RECIPES and make this tonight, it is super easy (another plus)! While you're there take a look around at some of the other family friendly, frugal recipes- there are lots!


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