Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Here is a Cheaper by the Minute tip for using up bread when it gets hard or stale!

1. Bread pudding is also the standard, plenty of cinnamon and raisins. You can mine recipes for variations.

2. French toast: French bread is perfect. Just cut, place on a cookie sheet, and in this case, you want it a little harder on the surfaces, so let stand, age, then flip for the other side. When dried just a bit on both sides, dip into egg, milk, etc. and flip into a hot pan for browning.

3. Donuts also make great bread pudding, only sweeter.

4. Bagettes, sliced, topped with cheese and placed under the broiler are excellent with soups.

5. Sourdough for soup bowls.

6. Bread crumbs. While prepared bread crumbs save time, making your own saves $. Season, if you wish.

7. Stuffings. If the bread isn't aged enough, simply cut finely and slow oven toast, flipping regularly.

8. Hamburger buns: Butter, placed a sliced tomato on top and cover with cheese. Broil.

9. Garlic breads: slice french bread, either lengthwise or in individual slices. Combine butter, minced garlic and spread. Place under boiler. (Bagettes are also great. I try for the multigrain.)

10. Cunchy Croutons: Season day-old bread with garlic salt, etc. added over buttered bread. Broil or slow-bake over, flip, season again, and when thoroughly dried, cube for croutons.

11. Cinnamon toast: Spread slices with butter and sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar, broil until sugar and butter is melted! You can add the sugar before broiling or after.

12. Pizza bread: Spread bread with leftover spaghetti pr pizza sauce, or even just some tomato sauce sprinkled with spices, then add whatever cheese you have on hand- broil until cheese is melted! You can other pizza type toppings if desired or to use up leftovers! 


Chris Jeub said...

I vote for croutons. I think this is the best way to use day old bread, but these other suggestions sound great. Thanks Andrea!

Chris Jeub said...

I think the crouton idea is fabulous. The croutons bought in the store are so expensive, but I love them. Thanks Andrea!