Friday, October 26, 2012


Here is some fun! I want to gather ideas on the CHEAPEST, FASTEST MEALS you can make! We are talking easy, frugal throw together ideas. Something for those long days when you have zombie brain. Besides being one of those "cheaper by the minute" moments-having a fast, cheap meal list on hand will surely save you the temptation of a fast, more expensive trip through the local drive thru.

Rules are simple, meals should be TOPS 30 minutes from start to table- though even quicker will earn you extra brownie points! ;) Bonus points for family friendly meatless meals, think husband and teen boy type meals! And please, no overly processed meals (we all can heat weiners or make boxed mac and cheese).  :)

Also, even though I am HUGE of crockpot meals, those aren't included due to the whole zombie brain issue.(Or-cough-why the pork loin is still in the fridge syndrome.) So, join me in helping make some mom's day a little easier!

If we reach the 30-31 day meals mark I will personally (with given permission by all participating) type it up into a printable 30 day meal plan! Who wouldn't love a whole months worth of inexpensive, super fast meals on hand?! Let the fun begin!

I'll start:
(1) Garlic toasted in Olive Oil and chili pepper flakes with canned tuna (or chicken) tossed with pasta and some capers or olives.

(2) Spaghetti tossed in olive oil with garlic and onions.

(3) Egg noodles with butter and Parmesian.

(4) Rice with butter and parmesian and one or two fried eggs on top.

(5) Pizza bagel (or english muffin).

(6) Lentil and potato stew (lentils cooked with potatoes and seasoning).

(7) Bread toasted, then put some mayo, slice of tomato and cheese - then broil

(8) Egg noodles tossed with a little oil, season salt and diced pepperoni (my daughter's all time favorite food).


Sylvia Phillips said...

Hi! I'm visiting from Big Family Friday. I'm not prepared with a post to submit, but I do love that your meals are all vegetarian! Are you a Vegetarian? I'm going to look around your blog now!

Andrea said...

Not entirely. But, we are a family of 8 and my husband has problems with ulcerative colitis so for that reason and cost wise I do alot of our meals meatless. Thank you so much for coming by, hope you will visit often! :)