Friday, October 30, 2009


Here is an excerpt of wisdom from The Heart of Wisdom which I am currently reading.

"I see myself in my adult daughters each time I speak to them-good and bad. Most of the qualities I see in them are things I taught that I didn't realize I was teaching them. I see it in how they speak to their husbands and children, how they volunteer for church work, how they react to unexpected company, when they offer hospitality, how they react to someone who disagrees with them or when a friend disappoints them, how they hold and speak to their babies, how they cook, how they sew, how they read, how they study, how they spend money, how they show love, how they show anger, how they show forgiveness, how they laugh, ect.

I rarely see fruit in anything I taught them during our school time (except maybe the three R's). The things I see (things that shout at me) are what they learned from my own examples. And now this is my lesson-it is a cycle of instruction. I now learn from their behaviors, responses, and actions. I learn how better to teach my younger children. I have learned I need to persist in some areas and try to improve many area in my life because my actions are more of a lesson than anything I say-to my children and to everyone else in my life.

Ours is an enormous responsibility. Christ is made strong in our weakness. I encourage you to pray for wisdom daily. Pray your children will learn from you as they see Christ in you."


Jessica said...

Hi mom!
Sorry I didn't leave you a comment sooner. I was going to get on yesterday but I spent all my time trying to figure out Build a Bear. :P
Anyway, I think I'll do another post as soon as I think of something. :)
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~Jessica >^.^<

jesnicole said...

Good thoughts, friend!! :)

Triton said...

Hey! I just wanted to say hi because I haven't left you a comment for a few days. And tomorrow, (Lordwilling) I am going to do a wyvern dragon post. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!